Whether you are buying your first home or your 10th, finding the perfect home for you can sometimes be a challenge. There are tons of factors to consider, and for many people, deciding what they want can be a moving target. Your needs and budget evolve as you move through life, so of course, the perfect home will evolve, too! In today’s blog at Robert Bourne Real Estate in Miami, we will talk a little bit about what to look for when buying a home in Miami to help make your decision easier.

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This probably isn’t the first time that you’ve heard the phrase, “location, location, location!”, and it certainly isn’t going to be the last. Location means everything when it comes to selling and buying a home — both in general and in Miami. You can find the perfect home at an attractive price, but if it is located somewhere you really aren’t interested, what good does that do you? When it comes to buying a home, you definitely shouldn’t settle. For example, if the whole reason you are moving to Miami is for the beach, then looking for a beachfront property is going to be a great choice for you. Be sure that when you are on the market for the perfect home for you that you find the right home and the right location!

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The layout of the home is a big selling point for people buying a home in Miami. Obviously your preferences will play a big factor in the layout that you are looking for. But keep in mind things like main-level master bedrooms, eat-in kitchens, large living spaces, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, and other functional options during your search. If you are moving to Miami to retire, then a main-level master is going to be beneficial for you so you don’t have to hike up and down the stairs every day. Or maybe if your passion is cooking, then having a beautiful accommodating kitchen is going to be a high priority. Whatever your lifestyle and personality are, it is important to find a home that suits you.


Many people, when buying a home in Miami, are looking for their forever home. When this is the case, it is important to make sure that the build quality of your home is quality. Even if this home won’t be your forever home, buying a home is an investment — make sure that you forever home or investment is going to last. It’s never a bad idea to research the builder, other homes in the area, and go through the house to ensure that everything feels sturdy and well-built. Florida is also prone to tropical storms, so a home with hurricane-impact windows or other storm precautions is a wiser investment.


At Robert Bourne Real Estate in Miami, when we say amenities, we are talking about the little things about buying a home that can make a world of difference in your day-to-day life. In Miami, there are a surprising amount of homes that do not have a garage or any sort of extra storage space. That may not be something that you think about right away, but after you’re moved in, you will certainly notice. Additionally, if you have a boat and plan on living directly on the water, things like a boat dock on your property can make life significantly easier. And you are probably already well aware of this, but Miami can get hot! There is nothing as refreshing and delightful on a hot Miami day than a dip in a pool. Many homes in Miami have a pool already built into a property. When you are looking into buying a home in Miami, it may be worthwhile to add a swimming pool to your list of desired amenities.

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Hopefully, today’s blog post from Robert Bourne Real Estate in Miami has helped bring you closer to finding the home of your dreams! If you are looking for a friendly and experienced real estate agent in the Miami area, reach out to our real estate team today. We’ve helped dozens of people just like you with selling a home and buying a home they love.