Are you looking to find your forever home? What better place to look than right here in Miami! We have warm weather year-round, miles of gorgeous beaches, plenty to do for all ages, and so much more. But while you may know you want to be in the Miami area, do you have a high-quality real estate agent to help you find your dream home? If not, today’s blog at Robert Bourne Real Estate in Miami is for you! In today’s blog, we discuss five things that you should look for in your real estate agent.

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One thing that you should be wary of when choosing a real estate agent in Miami is experience. While a new real estate agent may be motivated and eager to help, they may lack that experience and knowledge you need for a successful, smooth, and easy home-buying experience. That’s why we recommend working with a veteran real estate agent like ours here at Robert Bourne Real Estate. Real estate agents that have been around the block know how to properly prioritize, manage their time, and work for you to get you exactly what you need.


With experience also comes references and referrals. It’s always a good idea to talk to your friends and family members who have purchased a home recently and worked with a real estate agent they loved. Almost everyone has someone who knows a real estate agent they thoroughly enjoy working with! It’s worth your time to ask around to see who your friends and family like to see if they will work well for your needs as well.

Or, if no one you know has worked with the real estate agent you are interested in working with, feel free to check our reviews or ask the agent if they have any references you can call. Chances are, the real estate agent has some happy clients who would be delighted to share their experience with you.


It’s not always what you know, but sometimes who you know. Having a well-connected real estate agent can be a huge advantage when you are looking to purchase your next home. A well-connected real estate agent in Miami will know about properties before they even hit the market, be able to get more eyes on your home, and know the right people who can help you get things done. Not to mention, if your agent is connected, they likely have a wide variety of homes and properties they are selling for others. This makes the home-buying process significantly easier and less stressful.


You could have the most knowledgeable, well connected real estate agent in the whole universe, but if your personalities don’t click, it may not mean much. When you are looking for a Miami real estate agent, remember that you are going to be communicating and potentially spending a lot of time seeing houses with this person. Make sure that you get along well with your real estate agent and understand each other well. This will make your overall experience much more enjoyable throughout the home buying and selling process.


Last but not least, make sure your real estate agent knows their stuff. If they are experienced, chances are they are likely quite knowledgeable on all things real estate. But if you need someone with a more specific skill-set and expertise, it’s always good to double-check. The last thing you want is for them to make a mistake that could wind up costing you more money, set improper expectations, or even lose you the house you love.

In addition, a knowledgable real estate agent will know the area well. They can tell you what areas may suit your needs best, what amenities are nearby, some of their favorite local activities, and much more. There are countless advantages to having a real estate agent in Miami who really knows their stuff.

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We hope that today’s blog has helped you narrow down your search for a local real estate agent! If you are looking for a premier real estate agent with knowledge of Miami and the surrounding areas, be sure to contact us at Robert Bourne Real Estate. We have the experience, connections, and knowledge you need to find your dream home!