Miami, Florida, is known for its amazing beaches, its hip nightlife, clubs, and bars, and as a Spring Break destination. Due to its temperate climate and variety of activities to do, Miami is one of the top places to live, making real estate a competitive market. Robert Bourne Real Estate, LLC, is the top real estate company in Miami. With years of experience, the team at Robert Bourne Real Estate knows the local Miami housing market inside and out.

When looking for a house to buy or to list your home, Robert Bourne Real Estate is the realtor for you. The team puts the customer first, and Robert Bourne Real Estate works diligently to negotiate on your behalf. Below, we’ll list some of the many reasons Robert Bourne Real Estate is the top real estate company in Miami. Contact their team today!


  • The team’s knowledge of the market. When you’ve been around Miami for almost two decades, you become an expert in the best places to live, the best school districts, and discovering the best home for the value. Furthermore, Robert Bourne Real Estate is an expert in listening to his clients and discovering the home that fits them the best.
  • Responsiveness. Robert Bourne Real Estate in Miami is a 24/7 real estate company. When you have a problem or a question, the team is ready to answer at anytime. We understand you have a life that entails working a job, running the kids around to extracurricular activities and doctor’s appointments, and doing your own activities to de-stress from your day. We are available to meet your schedule so when you finally sit down at 7 p.m. and realize you forgot to ask a question on your impending real estate sale, we’re here to answer your call, knowing this may be the only time you have to make that call. We are diligent when working to find you a home to buy or sell your home by working tirelessly with all the moving parts (home inspectors, home contractors, and appraisers) to keep your closing on schedule.
  • Real estate guidance. The team at Robert Bourne Real Estate is here to offer advice when you need it. We understand that buying a home is a big decision, and we also understand that you want to love the home. We’re there to advise you with an impartial opinion when you can’t decide between two houses or when you are unsure if a home is right for you. We do our best to find the best home for you that you will love for years to come.

The Robert Bourne Real Estate team in Miami is not your average real estate agents. We are in the real estate business to help people find the home of their dreams, not just to buy and sell houses. We are honest and forthright and won’t sell you a house we believe is not right for you. No matter how long it takes, we’ll work with you to find a home or sell your home without compromising what you’re looking for and without paying more than we believe it to be worth or selling for below market value.

The Robert Bourne Real Estate team is invaluable as we’ll be your strongest advocates throughout the entire real estate transaction process. We work with the best mortgage brokers to get you the best mortgage, and pay attention to the details of the mortgage transaction process to ensure you are taken care of. We stay on top of the real estate market by staying connected to other realtors and attending seminars and functions since the Miami real estate market can constantly change. Our job is like a jigsaw puzzle with pieces constantly being moved around to find the right fit, and when the pieces are put together, the picture becomes complete.

From meeting buyers, doing a listing presentation, putting up signage, showing homes, writing contracts, negotiating offers, and attending meetings, our realtors are constantly working for you. And what’s our reward? Handing you the keys to your new home at closing. Contact Robert Bourne Real Estate today to buy a home or list your home in the Miami area!